Rest and Embodiment Coaching

Helping you rest, feel calm and make positive changes

For people with Fatigue, Anxiety and Stress

I help people with fatigue - especially those who feel wired and anxious - rest deeply, feel calm and better manage their energy.

I help people with anxiety notice what is happening in their body, and learn body based practices to feel calm and at ease.

Hello, I’m Alys, welcome. Thank you for visiting my site

I help people who feel stressed and overwhelmed by work take micro breaks during the day, and learn body based practices so they can switch off and rest after work.

This may be for you if:

You live with debilitating fatigue (eg CFS/ME, Long Covid). You know you need to make some changes, but you are not sure how or what.

Anxiety holds you back and gets in the way. It stops you feeling good about yourself. Despite trying to think differently, your body still feels anxious.

You often get home from work stressed and overwhelmed. You are running on empty and can’t switch off. You know something has got to change.

This is not for you if:

You are not open to exploring the mind-body connection.

You are primarily looking for, or needing, counselling or therapy.

You are not ready to make changes and are unable to commit to regular practice (“homework”) outside of the coaching sessions.

Don’t be put off by the homework bit, especially if you have fatigue or are overwhelmed. Homework is often about doing less and resting more :)

Interested? If so, read on!

I’m Alys. I am a qualified Relaxation Therapist and Embodiment Coach and have personal and professional experience of the 3 areas I coach in – debilitating fatigue, anxiety and work overwhelm/stress.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME nearly a decade ago and know how life changing fatigue can be. My fatigue was often accompanied by feeling anxious and wired.

Prior to getting CFS/ME I worked for 20 years in a range of statutory and voluntary sector mental health services, including developing and managing a mental health charity.

My coaching style is one of compassionate accountability. People I work with are often experts in pushing themselves. Finding the sweet spot between commitment (to your goals) and letting go, along with self compassion and self kindness (a fancy way of saying “being nicer to yourself”) is a central part of my approach.

I work One-to-One and with Groups

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